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Do what you've always wanted to do- with the team at THE BRIDGE USA to help you...
Please read the Program and Course Catalog information below.
*All fees and schedules  are subjext to change without prior notice based on student enrollment and other determining factors.
A Program Counselor will be happy to help you choose your program from the choices below and complete your Enrollment Counseling process.
How to Register: PRE-APPLY NOW and RESERVE your seat  in The BRIDGE USA Programs.
1. Complete The Pre-Application form below with your personal and education information.
2. Pre-pay your Enrollment Registration fees and Homestay Reservation Fees by digital invoice in our welcome email TO RECEIVE YOUR ENROLLMENT APPROVAL DOCUMENTS by email or postal mail.
The Bridge to English Academy has 6 levels: Beginner, High Beginner, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced and High Advanced. The total program length is 18 four-week sessions, but students may take from 1 week to 18+ sessions.
Classes are held at The Bridge to ENGLISH Vacation homes or Bridge to English Academy classroom locations-
Required 4 Weeks to be prepaid or weekly payments are available for a fee. Value Materials available.
Children's classes and childcare is available while parents are in class, or welcome to join our play area for an extra fee. Please pre-register for all classes.
Enroll today to prepare for tomorrow.
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