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Connect a USB device to your PC.Select an application to monitor USB activity.Monitor USB device’s activity or device, its packets, data types, formats, transfers, queues, devices, drivers and much more.This is a fully featured software for USB and device monitoring.How to use:First, select a USB device to observe.After the device is connected to the computer it will automatically show up in the devices list.Click on USB Monitor button.Now you should see a list of all connected devices (in case of multiple usb hubs)If you click on a device, you will see a new screen where you can see the USB device’s activity.Controlling USBSpy:I/O analyzer: You can select an I/O analyzer on/off/burst. You can find an analyzer from the list of attached devices:iDrive2 AnalyzerDriver AnalyzerUSB Explorer: You can select a preconfigured explorer filter/trigger. For that select a filter from the list of filters:High Performance Device Filters – Select one of the available filters for analyzing high speed USB devices.Filters: The list of the available filters for this usb monitor.Period: Period of the monitor (in seconds).Filter: This is the type of the filter.Name: The name of the filter.Status: This is the status of the filter.EXAMPLE USBSpyPoint 1:You can see the device we are connected to (the device name is “DK”, such as the keyboard):Point 2:USB ExplorerPoint 3:Finally, you can see a lot of information regarding USB traffic: device driver, device, transfer, packets, data types and formats, buffers, priorities and much more.When monitoring USB device’s activity, you can monitor sent and received packets. You can analyze not only the traffic generated by device drivers but also by the software itself, plug-ins, etc. For example, you can see a list of the USB devices connected to the computer:Filters: The list of the available filters for this usb monitor.Period: Period of the monitor (in seconds).Device Name: The name of the device.Process Name: The 08929e5ed8

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