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EFL Orlando
English For LIFE

 Fluency in a new language depends on practice- 
Live with a native-fluency
English-speaking family and 
love your new language.
Meals and transportation to private or small group classes available.


As a homestay student with an American family, you will wake up and get ready to go to school...
You will study in class at  EFL Homeschool/Homestay 2 to 4.5 hours per day in the morning or evening, then you will have the rest of your day to spend with your new friends and homestay family speaking with native speakers in your target language.

While some homestay students may have never lived with a family from a different culture in a new country before, most of the families that EFL Orlando can refer you too have years of experience with international students of all ages from all over the world. Please email or call us to request a Homestay Application form and then return it to us after you complete it, so we can match you with the best family for you.



Transportation to and from school as work schedules permit

Private bedroom, private or shared restroom with a bath/shower.

Laundry (usually in house or in complex) 

Wifi, Cable TV,

Shared kitchen, dining and livingroom areas,

American style breakfast and a pack lunch as is normal for the family, and a family style dinner in the evening.


American families are busy and so everyone works together to cook, clean and enjoy life as a team. The culture and ways of behaving may be strange to you. Ask us about it! Americans usually like to talk about their life and personalities and why they do what they do. Americans will probably ask you about your life at home, family, job, love-life, religion, and politics. Please don't feel uncomfortable! We love discussing everything with people that we want to get to know better.



Learn how to be independent. Be friendly and smile! Be direct and tell us exactly how you feel about something. If we ask what you would like, tell us!



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