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Leadership is a Lifestyle

A message from Warden Cain- Director of the biggest maximum security prison in the USA- Louisiana State Pen.- "Dads should be leaders, not procrastinators. When your kids are little, and they ask you to go somewhere or do something with them, always say 'Yes!' If you say 'No' because you don't feel like doing what the kids want to do, that's lazy, and soon they will have other people to spend time with, people who will influence them, instead of you. I always said 'Yes' to my son even when I didn't feel it, and now he is 34 with his own family, he still calls me to spend time together-because I taught him to feel it was a priority.

-Warden Burl Cain: Warden of the largest maximum security prison in America - Louisiana State Penitentiary

from an interview on Moody Radio Florida 91.9....

Get the book: Cain's Redemption and read more practical wisdom for leaders.

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