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PRIVATE EDU-Vacation Home & Intensive Classes for 1 student, 4 weeks

$2 000.00
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30 Day Package - Private Room- EDU-Vacation Home luxury accommodations. Don't waste one minute...LIVE IT, LOVE IT, LEARN IT and have the best time of your life in beautiful Orlando, in the 21st best neighborhood in America! Please book at least 2 months ahead.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to LIVE and practice English with NATIVE FLUENCY SPEAKERS!!

Total package cost is $2000 for ACCOMMODATIONS for 30 days and FULL TIME IMMERSION CLASSES for 80 hours which is 20 hours per week for 1 student.

To reserve your room, the non-refundable reservation and registration fee, $125, must be pre-paid as soon as possible to hold your room. Enrollment is reserved 6 to 12 months ahead usually.

ROOM COST is only $43 per day. ( including amenities) per person.

Class fees are $600 per person. (you save $600 to $1200 per 4 weeks based on local prices)

  • EDU-Vacation Home accommodations for 30 days: 1 private luxury room with 1 large double bed, bathroom, flat screen tv, WI-FI desk. dresser, closet, and sunny window.
  • FULL-TIME IMMERSION CLASSES for 80 hours per week for 1 student.
  • Testing
  • Classroom Materials
  • Continental breakfast
  • cable TV, WIFI
  • Laundry
  • 2 swimming pools in the area
  • 7 parks including basketball, volleyball, playgrounds
  • A nature park with a flowing stream for canoeing, and a bicycle and jogging path

Please pre-pay the required Reservation and Registration fee: the non-refundable $125, needs to be included separately in your order before completing your payment.

Surcharges included.

Private class discount pricing also available.

Deluxe Package with Full Menu, Concierge services, Spa Services, Childcare, and Driver also available.

Please call 321-297-4290 or email for your personalized package schedule.

*as available.

Please book at least 1 to 3 months ahead.

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